How to turn off conversations in Yahoo Mail


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Do you want to turn off the new conversations feature in Yahoo Mail?

First, click the Gear in the top right and select Settings:

Yahoo Settings.JPG

Go to the Viewing Email settings, uncheck Conversations, and click Save

Yahoo Disable Conversations.JPG


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The settings for conversations in the Yahoo Mail App can be found with the following directions.

Tap the triple line menu icon, then tap settings:

Yahoo Mail App Settings.jpg

Tap the selector next to conversations (remove the green) to turn off conversations:



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THANK YOU !!!!!!!! the setting changed itself on all 5 of my email accounts.. THANK YOU!!!!!


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It's easier now to enable & disable conversations in the web site version of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo group by conversaions.jpg

Click on sort by date, then select "Group by conversations"
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