How to troubleshoot Mozilla Thunderbird hanging at startup when connecting to IMAP accounts

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I had a problem with my Mozilla Thunderbird experiencing a sluggish hanging when it started up.

No mater how long I let it go (hours...) it would take a few minutes for each click to be processed.

Starting Thunderbird in safe mode did not help. (Thunderbird safe mode, not windows safe mode)

I tried deleting the files mention in this guide: Standard diagnostic - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

The fix for me was deleting the Mail folder within my Thunderbird profile (%APPDATA%\Thunderbird in Windows XP)

The next time I started Thunderbird everything worked OK.

I use an IMAP connection so no mail was lost.

I did not test and I'm not sure yet if it's safe to try as a fix for pop3 configurations.