How to Terminate E-mail Address for a deceased person?


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I really need help. My Aunt passed away this past December. Her e-mail address is sending out spam e-mails on a daily basis. How can I have her address terminated so her children, family, and friends can stop receiving e-mails from our deceased loved one. Please Help!


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I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt. The spam could be from either a spammer using her email address, or in this case since her contacts are getting the emails it's possible that her email account has been compromised. The only way to know for sure is to look at the full email headers from one of the messages. Have all of her old computers been turned off or their connections from the internet removed? Who was her email provider? You'll want to get the email account archived/deleted. If she was a Hotmail member try the directions for How to request data from a deceased user's account? If she used another service provider please let us know who and we'll try to get your to the right place for support.

:thanks: -Raymond