How to switch from POP3 to IMAP


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Are you wondering how to switch your mail server settings from POP3 to IMAP?

The change should be easy as long as your email service offers IMAP access for your email account.

Before making any changes I recommend copying any inbox from your Inbox to a local folder.

Then, go to your account settings and type in the IMAP settings for your email service.

Some mail programs require that you create a new email account in your settings before selecting IMAP as an account type.

IMAP is typically offered on ports 143 (no SSL) and 993 (SSL required)

Keep in mind that switching to IMAP means you may need to monitor your storage quota more closely.

If you need specific instructions and screen shots please reply here with the name of your email program and email service provider.


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My email program is Mac Mail and my email service provider is shawmail. The Shawmail account is currently POP3 and I would like to change it to IMAP. Any instructions or screenshots on how to do this without losing any of my existing POP mail would be of great assistance to me.