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Would you like to stay logged in longer at

First, a quick note, that this is not recommended by, and some people would consider extending your login as weakening your account security.

I started by checking the web page. You're right, there is no obvious "remember me" checkbox or a setting that can be used to extend your login session time. I checked the authentication cookie and it expires at the end of the session.

mail com authtoken cookie.JPG

Next we need a way to edit the cookie. I checked around for a Firefox plugin that supports the latest Firefox 7 and found this - Abine

  • Install the plugin at the above link.
  • Restart your Firefox.
  • Go to and login to your email inbox
While on your inbox page in your web browser go to Tools -> Edit Cookies -> Site's Privacy Info

Tools Edit Cookies Site Privacy Info.JPG

In the bottom right corner of the window scroll down to section and click the edit icon next to JSESSIONID :

edit jsessionid cookie.JPG

Click the radio button for new expiration date. I recommend not setting the date more than 30 days ahead. The easiest way to do this is to change the current month to the next month, for example changing Oct to Nov. After entering the new expires date for your JSESSIONID cookie click the save button.

mail com change authtoken cookie expires.JPG

Bookmark your inbox. It should be a link like - Get free Email accounts: Web based and secure Email -

Start a new Firefox. Go to your bookmarked inbox link so that you don't visit the actual home page.

Unfortunately, goes out of it's way to prevent you from extending your login and you will be greeted with : login error.JPG

I'll keep working on this and sticky it when there are working directions.


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I dont care if I have to sign in every week or 2 but I have to login every time I go back to even if I close the screen. homepage on my computer looks just like a yahoo or aol's version would with news and other stuff. The log in is in the upper right for email address and password. There is no stay signed or remember me button. So in never stays logged in. Am I missing something that is hidden? I do see the turn ssl on or off. I dont know what that means and no matter if i leave it on or off I still dont stay logged in. GMX the sister company of has a much better sign in situation. email, password and a check box to be remembered next time. Thats it and it keeps me logged in for week maybe even a month at a time!

Maybe if you posted a picture of how you log in via the web mail maybe Im missing something or maybe my screen is different?

Abine Support

Abine Support
Very interesting tutorial, popowich.
Yes, I have recreated the same error message from


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This is the case regardless of whether you have extended your cookie's expiration or not. They simply have disallowed users from refreshing that page directly.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a simple solution for this, unless you can somehow call the same actions that are being loaded immediately after login. There may be a way to workaround this, but as mentioned earlier, it would be a security risk.