How to setup Gmail to download Yahoo Mail with POP3


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To configure your Gmail to download your Yahoo Mail emails with POP3 first open your Gmail settings:

Gmail Settings.JPG

Then go to the Accounts and Import tab:

Gmail Accounts and Import.JPG

Scroll down to the section for adding a POP3 account that you own:

Gmail add POP3 account.JPG

Type in your Yahoo email address and click next:

username at yahoo.JPG

Type in your complete Yahoo email address, password, consider the options for leaving a copy of mail at Yahoo or applying a label to your Yahoo email, then click Add Account:

Yahoo settings.JPG

I do not recommend sending as Yahoo from Gmail since that will be more likely to cause your email to be marked as spam by other email services:

send as yahoo from gmail.JPG

When you are done your Yahoo email will be imported to Gmail and should start appearing within a few minutes.
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