How to Setup Gmail 2-Step Verification

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I am happy to have completed my Google / Gmail 2-step verification setup yesterday. It's actually quite simple and only took me about 20 minutes to complete the setup on Google and my iPhone. As part of the process I revoked several connections between my Google and other 3rd party sites, similar to breaking connections between Facebook and applications that you no longer use.

2-step or 2-factor authentication is a technology that allows you to increase the security of your Google account by requiring both something you know (username and password) and something you have (for example a code on an iPhone). The code on my iPhone changes every 60 seconds making it more difficult for a hacker to guess a code before it changes to the next code.

To get started click on this link - Sign in - Google Accounts and click the "start setup" button.

Google 2-Step Start.JPG

I'm using an iPhone but other options include your home phone, Android, or Blackberry for your second factor device.

For my "something I have" I installed the Google Authenticator app on my iPhone.

Google Authenticator.jpg

It took me less than 5 minutes to download the app and scan the Q-R code which linked it to my Google account. After the Google Authenticator app is installed tap the + button in the lower right, and then tap the "Scan Barcode" button at the bottom of the next screen.

Scan Barcode.JPG

Click Next and then complete the backup options. First I printed out a page of one time use codes that can be used in an emergency if I lose or don't have access to my iPhone. Put them in a safe place such as a sealed envelope in a safe. After storing my printable codes I also configured my hone phone as an alternate backup device that can receive an automated voice message.

Turn on Two Step Verification.JPG

The last step is to click the big blue "Turn on 2-step Verification" button!

You will need to re-login to all of your accounts across all computers and devices. In some cases you will also need to create a special password when applications do not support 2-step authentication. For example I had to create a special password that my Gmail Mobile uses to authenticate. To create the application specific passwords go to this link - Sign in - Google Accounts. If I ever lose my iPhone it's a simple process to revoke that code so that my iPhone can no longer connect to my Gmail account.

Congratulations, you're one step closer to protecting your Google / Gmail accounts!
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Over 2 million accounts including Gmail were recently compromised.

Please take a moment to configure 2-step verification if you don't already have it enabled.