How to restore WLM after it crashes?


New Email
1. My email client is MS Windows Live Mail 2011 running under Win 7 Home Premium on a Dell Studio laptop.
2. WLM crashed 3 days ago when I wasn't even in the room! I removed it from the system using the remove program facility, and downloaded the latest version, but it is unusable. I didn't do anything to the registry before installing it.
3. I can receive new messages but if I try to reply or forward any message I get: "A problem occurred while trying to open this message. Please try again". I notice that the number of messages in each folder is not showing.
4. I have been able to restore the message folders & contents for my Hotmail account, but not for my main account. I don't know whether to add blank folders & restore into them 1 at a time, or restore folders & contents for each account all together. Contact addresses are OK.

It would be great to have help, or to know of an effective troubleshooter, or to find a detailed restore procedure. I used the Windows Essentials troubleshooter but it didn't cure the problem.