How to restore missing or deleted emails from Hotmail


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Several users have been reporting that all of their Hotmail has been deleted.

The first thing to do is check your inbox and all of your email folders to rule out the possibility that you accidentally moved the email into a different email folder.

Second you should change your password and security question answers to make sure someone else does not have access to your account.

Once both of those steps are done you can ask the Windows Live Help Team to recover your missing email. (update: that's not supported anymore, link removed)

How important is your email? If your email is important to you then you may want to consider not using free email services and/or using a mail program on your computer to read, store, and backup your emails. Hotmail users can use these directions for configuring pop3 access to hotmail accounts. Other free email services such as Gmail have software available so you can backup your Gmail account directly to your computer.