How to restore missing contacts in Microsoft Outlook

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If you lost your Microsoft Outlook contacts these are the steps to restore them:
  • Recover your PST file from backups (online, external drive, or system restore)
  • In Microsoft Outlook go to File -> Account Settings and select Account Settings
  • Click the Data Files tab and then click the Add button
  • Browse to and select the PST file restored from your backups above
  • Move the data you need from the duplicate options that appear in Outlook to your existing address books
  • You have the option to keep or remove the additional PST file depending on if it's easier or safer to work with multiple lists of contacts, or if you prefer to merge them together and remove the extra PST from your configuration.
If you do not have backups for your computer please consider getting Mozy online backups to protect your files in a safe place.
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