How to rename Hotmail to an email account


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At this time the feature to rename a Hotmail to an account is not available. To be notified when the rename feature is back please reply to this thread. We will update this discussion when the rename feature is available. In the meantime, you have the option to create a new account instead of renaming an existing Hotmail account. After creating your new acocunt you can link the accounts so that both are available (although as separate inboxes) when you login. A benefit to this strategy is a new email address that will receive less spam, and the sooner you create your account the more likely you are to get your preferred username.

How to rename a Hotmail address to

  • Login at with your Hotmail username and password
  • Click the Options icon and then select More Mail Settings
  • Go to Managing your Account and click Rename your Email Address.
  • Type in your username and select the domain.
  • Click Save
  • You may need to type in a different username if yours is already taken within