How to remove "today", "yesterday", and "earlier this week" from your Yahoo inbox


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Do you want to remove the new Yahoo inbox rows that say today, yesterday, and earlier this week?

The element hider within AdBlock Plus can be used to remove the dividers from Yahoo Mail.

* Firefox users - Please see the third post for modified instructions

To block an element such as the Today or Yesterday rows, after installing AdBlock Plus do the following:
  • Go to your Yahoo Mail inbox and click the ABP icon, then select Block Element:
ABP Block Element.jpg

  • Move your mouse over the row you want to remove, then right click on it while it's highlighted:
ABP right click highlight.jpg

  • A popup will appear asking for your confirmation to block the element, click Add:
ABP Confirm Blocked Element.jpg

After clicking add you'll be returned to your inbox and the row will be gone.

Carefully repeat the above process for any other rows & elements you want removed from Yahoo Mail.

If you prefer not to use the Yahoo Mail web site for reading & sending your email, alternatives include:
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If you are using Firefox please follow these instructions to install element hiding support for AdBlock Plus:
  • Go to your Firefox options menu and select Add-ons
Firefox Install ABP Element Hiding.jpg

  • If you don't have AdBlock Plus yet, search for and install it.
  • After AdBlock Plus is installed you can search for "adblock element" and then install it
ABP install element hiding.jpg

  • Now when you're on the Yahoo Mail page you can click ABP and select "Select an element to hide:

ABP select element to hide.jpg

  • Highlight and click the elemt you want to hide, for example the "yesterday row"
  • After clicking the element you'll be prompted with a screen like the following to confirm hiding the element:
ABP add element hiding rule.jpg


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A set of steps were contributed by a Firefox user (thanks Jeff!):
  1. Install ABP (Adblock Plus) into Firefox if you don't already have it (
  2. Install an ABP extension called "Element Hiding Helper"(Element Hiding Helper).
  3. Open the Yahoo Mail inbox as usual. Make sure you can see at least one of the new rows onscreen.
  4. Click the ABP icon and select "Select an element to hide".
  5. Mouse-over any one of the annoying new rows ("Today", "Earlier this week", etc.) Make sure it outlines that entire row and ONLY that row in red. It does not matter which one.
  6. When the selection box is positioned properly, click. That should open a dialog "Compose element hiding rule".
  7. Now comes the fun part. In the section "Require attributes", UNcheck the box labeled "id: yui_(number may vary)", then CHECK the box labeled "class: list-view-item-date-label". If the box you're checking does not read exactly as I've listed, something's wrong - you probably did not select the right element. Cancel and try again.
  8. Click "Add element hiding rule".
  9. Refresh the page. The annoying rows should be gone!

Gary P

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Thanks for the great info. Got rid of Yesterday, Last month, etc. Even manager to hide that pesky "Archive". But when I did that "Move" moved over into it's place. Still don't have "Delete" as the first item. How can I arrange this action bar?



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Followed the steps, and it took away the WORDS, but I still have the SPACES between rows. Can't select anything less than the whole list to block now. Can't undo. *sigh*
I have Firefox.