How to recover my entire Yahoo Email adress file?


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was "hit" by a Rogue Virus. The one that emails to your entire mail list and tells them "I need money in London fast...", Paris, or in my case Edinborough. After I had cleaned all the viruses and other junk out of my Lenova Windows 7, I found I had lost my entire Email list of addresses... maybe 600 to 850 addresses. My Techs at Office Depot told me, just write to, they can restore your email list from their backup. That turns out to be difficult. Yahoo Tech changed me $38 just to hear my question. Then they refunded it. Everyone on duty saw my question. "Sorry."
No one in all those Techs had a clue. They really aren't from "Yahoo" they are just very knowledgable Techs who can work on anyone's computers. I NEED to reach someone at Yahoo. Any idea about where to begin? At the moment of disaster, I was connected to through Internet Explorer. I have two email addresses that are then linked together: