New Email
i am unable to access my hotmail account with my usual password keeps telling me 'incorrect password' and then i tried to reset my password i found out my account has been blocked.. got no idea why or how i can recover it, i have tried the security # code they sent to my alternate email and cant access any of their helplines cos i cant sign in :(
wd appreciate any help, thanks!


I have the same problem. my hotmail account is blocked. when i login into my hotmail it says 'it looks like someone else might be using your account'. i changed my password but i am getting the same message. i also filled the questionaire and got a reply that i cannot verify my account since the details i filled are incorrect. i filled all the right details. i need my emails back, help !!!


New Email
hello i have an alternate e-mail account that has been block due to trying the passwords to many times, the account i use for mostly gaming, i had forgotten the password and when the split up the linked accounts i tried to get the password back on multiple occasions the form they had did not work at all and they accumulated all the times i tried my password and it got block is there any way i can get it back?

Emma Fox

my partner's email has been hacked and we dont have the landline number on the account anymore, we have tried the form as well but it doesnt work. please help !!!