How to recover a lost password / How to get back a hacked account


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Is not letting you login to your account?

First, run both a Spyware Scan and Virus Scan on your computer. Install Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you still can not login try the Outlook Password Reset tool.

Verify your account with a mobile phone (only available in some countries) -

Has your account been hacked and/or compromised? Report a security vulnerability to Microsoft

If none of the above links are a possibility for you go to the Windows Live Account Validation page.

The links available at the security vulnerability page are the best chance to regain control of your account.

You can also try emailing if someone else has control of your account.

The customer service phone number is 1.800.386.5550.

When you contact Microsoft directly also include as many subject lines from your email account as possible.

Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that Microsoft will be able to help you.

After getting your account back immediately change your password, security question & answer, and your alternate email address.

There is no guaranteed support for free accounts. Consider registering your own domain name if support for your email is important.

After getting back your account please make sure to do the following: