How to prevent spam email in outlook?


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Hello !

My question is as title "HOW TO PREVENT SPAM EMAIL IN OUTLOOK? my website hosted on godaddy server where obviously i use their smtp & pop server.... This is already happened to me once my other website hosting was blocked due to spam emails bomb so godaddy blocked my account for the time being.. I want a better solution in prevention spam email and spam email filter... can some one help me?

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It sounds like spam is being sent from your hosting account. There's a chance it has nothing to do with Outlook.

First I'd inquire with GoDaddy exactly what the problem is: Is it mail being sent from your website or through their STMP servers.

If it's from the STMP servers, Do a full virus and malware scan on your machine.

If it's from the website, check the scripts your running that send email and update or remove them as necessary.
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