How to make the AOL navigation menu smaller

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Do you want more room on your screen for reading and writing your email?

Use your mouse to hover over the right side of the navigation, then drag it to the left until the navigation turns into small boxes:

AOL Navigation Menu.JPG AOL Navigation Menu Collapsed.JPG

The left picture is the default navigation and the right side is the collapsed view.


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FWIW, I recently contacted AOL to see if there was a way to choose which folders would be visible or hidden when the left-hand panel is collapsed. I wanted this to see if I could increase my screen real estate by having only the message list and message showing but still be able to drag-and-drop a message to the Saved Mail folder.

Unfortunately, it's apparently not possible. Individual folders cannot be hidden or displayed according to user preferences, and when the panel is collapsed, you cannot drag a message to the Saved Mail sub-folder of My Folders. You must either 1) have the panel open with the Saved Mail folder visible to do the drag-and-drop, or 2) you must use the buttons and click Actions > Move To (whatever folder). :(

It would be nice to have an "Archive" button to move messages to Saved Mail by default with a single click. But they don't even have that. :rolleyes:

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Interesting, yes I see that I can't choose which mail folders to display.

I did notice when checking again that there is a quick collapse and expand arrow for the left side navigation:

AOL Collapse Navigation.JPG AOL Expand Navigation.JPG