How to keep a local copy of IMAP mail and delete old mail from the server ?


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Hello EQ !

I want to configure thunderbird to automatically remove mail older than 30 days from the server but keep a local copy on my PC. How can I do that ?


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That preference is configured using POP3 settings with "leave mail on the server for X days" configured.

There should be no harm settings up both IMAP and POP3 profiles for the same email account while you're testing.


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Thank you popowich for the answere. That works fine for mail that is in the inbox, but POP3 has no notion of maildirs so they can't be downloaded.

What I am doing at the moment is I created a folder called archives, locally on my computer, and configrued the archive feature of thunderbird to store archived mail in that folder. Now I select the emails from the IMAP account, right-click and choose archive. Thunderbird will copy them to the local archives folder and delete them from the remote server. But this is still a manual procedure. It would be cool if thunderbird had a feature where I don't have to manually click on archive. The software would automatically archive any mail older than X days (X configurable).