How to get out of this problem after signing in?


New Email
I just made a new yahoo mail account last week, everything was ok and verified. I was able to use it for a few days, but just today, though I was able to log in, it redirected me to a page with this message:

Wait! Yahoo Mail is now
made in Canada.

It’s your same Inbox, just closer to home.

I want to keep my U.S. Inbox.

  • I'm not interested in my local news or weather.
  • I don't want to experience Mail in my local language
  • I'm returning to the U.S. in the very near future.
Keep My Account in the U.S.

I want my local news and weather.

  • My email address won't change and I won't lose any
    messages or attachments.
  • By clicking below, I agree to the Yahoo! Canada Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Mail Terms of Service. These terms and privacy policy are governed by the laws of Canada and may be different from those in the country you created your account.
Take Me to Yahoo! Canada Mail

I tried both links (Keep my account in the US & Take me to yahoo canada mail), but still nothing happened. It just kept on redirecting me to that page/message.

I hope somebody could help me... Please..



New Email
Yes, I am having the exact same problem. My Yahoo email account is about 11 years old and this has never happened before. I have got that page before (keep my US inbox,etc) but once I clicked on it, it would redirect to my inbox.

This is a serious pain in the $%# and need it fixed ASAP !

There is a band aid solution to this problem with these links :

Login Or: Login Or; Login

I have contacted Yahoo account services on Oct 19th, just after it happened but they have not got back to me. They say 24 hours...yeah, as if.

Hope this resolves itself pronto.