How to get back the old Yahoo email web page / interface / version


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only problems i found (which are bothersome) with switching back to "classic mail" (via the URL change from "neo" to "mc") is that:
  • the "Mail Search" function - Doesn't work
  • the automatic email address lookup/fill-in (when composing, forwarding) - Doesn't work
  • the "address book" - "insert checked contacts" - Doesn't work


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I don't like the "New yahoo" and would love to change back. Tried the resolution change to 800X600 but it didn't work.

Yesterday my email home page changed. The info on the left side used to be right next the the most current emails. Now it is way above them and I have to scroll down the page to see the first email. Also when I click reply or compose I have to scrolll down the page to get to the header and body info. Wierd. I don't know if this is an enhancement, an oops or what. I scanned my computer completely for nasties and after a 2 hour scan nothing was found.

is it only me?

Bill Barnes


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Hi Bill,

Unfortunately, Yahoo will be retiring the old Yahoo soon:

Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic) will no longer be available. Those of you using these older versions of Yahoo! Mail can switch to the new Yahoo! Mail, which is fast and easier-to-use. If you’re on dial-up or an older browser, we’ll move you to an HTML only / basic version of the new Yahoo! Mail. We’ll be reaching out to each of you via email to give you more information about this and what to expect. Additionally, to learn more about the Yahoo! Mail migration, please click here.


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My laptop is XP and when I got that message about having to switch I did. Then got a message that said it wasn't supported on this computer. It is about 7 years old but is a dual core Intel processor that I had at work and it supported dual screens when in the docking station. I am not sure about now because it is with my wife on a trip.

I am still trying to figure out what is going on with the presentation change. My left side is no longer even with the right side. I have to scroll down to get to the emails. The pointer on the mouse has changed and I no longer get the finger (no wise cracks).

Is there a way to post a screen print on this blog?



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hello, well quess we'll have to wait and see what happens in June 2013 and Yahoo's cut-off....

But i did find (and used) from other posting what to do.

1) clear browser cache (as precaution)
2) Disable Javascript in the Browser
3) Then log in... you get prompted with some "incompatible browser" message
4) Scroll to bottom on the page and click on "without upgrading"
5) another new screen comes up.

Switch back is done.
Turn Javascript back on.

Close and restart your session with Yahoo Mail.
It should be back to the Light Blue, faster interface.


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Dont fret....

From the "new Yahoo Mail switch" page it does say:
If you’re on dial-up or an older browser, we will detect that and move you to an HTML-only / basic version of the new Yahoo! Mail.

To me that sounds like something like Classic Yahoo will still work.


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being on dial-up doesnt really matter, i am not. but an "incompatible browser" is key wording. Like now, today, if one shuts down "javascript" in IE or Firefox or Opera, etc -- suddenly the browser is not compatible with Yahoo Mail and it lets you switch.

it may be similar after the June 2013.
It may be similar to the current "mobile mail" which you can see and login to at ""


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I wouldn't trust a browser that wasn't up to date and didn't have all the updates done. That can cause way more problems than the new Yahoo that I hate. It beats getting a virus.