How to get and use stationary and emoticons in Windows Live Mail


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If you want a mail program with stationary, backgrounds, and emoticons try Windows Live Mail that comes bundled with Windows Essentials from Microsoft.

To add a background (stationary) to your email first make sure that sending as HTML is enabled by checking your options:

WLM Options Mail.jpg Windows Live Mail Send HTML Options.jpg

Then start start a new photo email and see the stationary menu for more options:

WLM New Photo Email.JPG WLM Stationary.JPG

Depending on your version of WLM you may need to click the menu button for Plain Text vs Rich Text:

WLM Plain Text.jpg WLM Rich Text.jpg

There are also a variety of emoticons available:

Windows Live Mail Emoticons.jpg

Unfortunately the stationary feature exists in older versions of Windows Live Mail on Windows XP but appears to have been discontinued in the latest versions of WLM available on Windows 7 and Windows 8.