How to fix connection problems by increasing the mail server timeouts in Windows Live Mail


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If your Windows Live Mail intermittently/frequently times out with a connection timeout error please follow these steps to increase your ail server timeouts:

Click the Blue Ribbon, Highlight Options, and select Email Accounts:

WLM Email Accounts.jpg

Highlight the email account you need to edit and click the properties button:

WLM Select Account Properties.jpg

Click the Advanced tab, then drag the mail server timeout bar from 1 minute to 5 minutes:

WLM Advanced Server Timeouts.jpg

Click Apply and then click OK.

This change to your settings tells Windows Live Mail to give the servers that provide your email hosting more time to respond before timing out and giving your an error about connection problems.

This is a good fix to try when it appears your email services servers are sometimes overloaded and responding slowly.
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