How to find Yahoo Search Engine Password for Outlook Express Email

After I closed our my Roadrunner ISP account, I opted to use Yahoo! Plus as my search engine for my preferred Outlook Express Email account. I set everything up and for the most part all was well for a time, then suddenly out of the blue the Yahoo! Search Engine box popped up when I was in Outlook Express requesting my Yahoo ID and Password for the Search Engine (not the password for my Yahoo Plus email account). I've posted elsewhere, made calls, etc., but to date have received no responses, no help. HELP?! Here's crossing my fingers on this forum!
I have high hopes! :thanks:


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After I closed our my Roadrunner ISP account, I opted to use Yahoo! Plus as my search engine for my preferred Outlook Express Email account.

This doesn't make any sense. You don't use yahoo for a search engine for another email account. I have no idea what your question is. Do you mean you chose yahoo for your search engine on your toolbar? That would have nothing to do with your email provider.
Thread Correction: I meant Yahoo "server," not "engine"...

Hello! Thanks for your response...allow me to clarify...Once registered w/Yahoo, it's search engine can be utilized as the "server" for an outside email account; in the instant case Yahoo has been registered as the server to enable Outlook Express email account with incoming POP3 and outgoing SMPT settings. I see now that I used the incorrect vernacular by stating "engine" when I meant "server". Does this comport now? Currently I cannot connect my OE with the Internet, no incoming and cannot get mail out. I'm stuck to say the least... Looking forward to further insights! Yahoo is of no help whatsoever... sad.:hammer:


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Ray is more technical than I am. I will pass this along to him to see if he has any ideas. Hang in there. (yes your wording does make more sense this time) :)
Theresa, I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate your ongoing assistance with this situation. I hope your referral elicits a positive! My Outlook Express hasn't sent or received mail since December 17, 2012! Sure, I receive mail with Yahoo Plus, but I can't send with OE and not with Yahoo either, because of Yahoo being the POP3 server for my OE. Stay tuned... LOL.



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I'd like to break this up a little bit to make it easier to understand all of the pieces.

You use Outlook Express to read all of your email?
(BTW, any reason you have not upgraded to Windows Live Mail?)

Is your Yahoo account configured to automatically pop3 email from your Road old Runner account? If yes, any chance that is no longer working after you cancelled your service with Time Warner?

What email address are you trying to send From: ?

What server name are you using for your incoming pop3 mail server?

What server name are you using for your outgoing SMTP server?

A screen shot is also useful if you can take a picture and attach the error message(s) you are seeing.

The screen shots are tough for some people to figure out, don't stress over it if you can't figure it out.

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Hi Popowich,

Thanks for partitioning, much easier to desseminate...

Yes, I had subscribed to Yahoo with the intention to use it singularly as the POP3 search engine for my preferred Outlook Express, which I have been using for many years. Prior to spring of 2012 I had been using an ISP for cable, internet, etc. Now I am using Directv wireless for cable and internet. Do I prefer it? No, but I have moved into my daughter's home and it is what she has. So be it.

With the subject problem, OE has not received mail since 12/17/2012, nor can I send mail. When signed in to Yahoo, I can get a few pieces of mail out, but for the most part OE opens up and, consequently, mail does not transmit.

Many weeks ago the Yahoo Search Engine window (box) popped up suddenly when I was in OE inbox, whereas it had not done so in the several months prior since signing on to Yahoo and commencing with the interaction between Yahoo and OE. I do not recall ever having created a password for the Yahoo Search Engine! In any event, I am have attached several screenshots hereto for your perusal.

Insofar as Windows Live Mail, I had entertained the thought of it long ago, but I am admittedly addicted to OE on the whole; i.e., visually, functionality, etc. I would appreciate your further commentary further Windows Live Mail, pro and con. Do you recommend WLM as being more suitable as a search engine for OE?

Outgoing email is sent via, and is also entered as incoming address.




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