How to filter unwanted spam and junk email in Hotmail

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Is your Hotmail account being bombarded with unwanted spam emails?

The following are some steps you can take to try and reduce the amount of spam being delivered into your inbox :

  • Login to Hotmail
  • In the top right click Options and select More Options
Hotmail More Options.JPG
  • In the Preventing Junk Email section click Filters and Reporting
Hotmail Prevent Junk Email Filters and Reporting.JPG

  • In the Choose a Junk Email Filter section select Exclusive
Hotmail Exclusive Messages only from Contacts.JPG
  • Click the Save button
When you are done you should see the confirmation message:

Your junk email filter is set to Exclusive. As a result, only messages from contacts and safe senders are allowed in your inbox. Messages from anyone else get sent to Junk.

Over the next couple weeks you will need to monitor your spam folder for emails that are incorrectly being filtered away from your inbox.

Hotmail doesn't seem to have the greatest spam filtering either, but it's worth taking a few minutes to think about why you are getting some much spam in your inbox. Did you post your email address on a public web site? Did you try to unsubscribe for spam email and unintentionally confirm your email address to a spammer? Did one of your contacts email accounts get hacked? Did you give out your Hotmail email address to a suspicious/untrusted 3rd party company or web site?