how to filter spam with thunderbird


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I have been overrun with spam in my thunderbird email. One of my friends suggested that I download spam fighter. I just finished the install and right now I am having it go through and clean my inbox. I am REALLY BAD about deleting old emails. I have over 7 thousand emails in my inbox right now!! So far it has gone through about 5,000 and identified almost 300 as spam.

I HATE thunderbirds spam "filtering" it is HORRIBLE. I can mark things as spam, but they still show up in my inbox. They show up with a little spam sign next to them, but they still make their way to my inbox. In my opinion, if I have marked something as spam, it should go directly to a spam folder or trash.

Hopefully when I mark emails as spam they will stop showing up in my inbox. We shall see. I am kind of excited to see if this works because my inbox was beginning to get about 15 spam emails a day!!

I will update again after I have used it for awhile and will let you know if it is a good program to use.


Customer Service
Ugg I spoke too soon! It was working like a charm and then my thunderbird had an upgrade and poof!! My spamfighter disappeared because it wasn't compatible with the upgrade. They did have a suggestion if that happens after an upgrade but it didn't work for me. I had to contact support to see if there is a solution or if they will be releasing an upgrade soon.

Here are the suggestions they gave that you could try:

After the latest update, my SPAMfighter has disappeared?

Please try this:
* Close your Email Client such as Outlook/Express/Windows Mail/Thunderbird
* Go to Start -> All Programs -> Fighters -> SPAMfighter
* click on Repair
* Make sure that the "Repair" options are checked and then click "Next" and then "Install".
After the installation has finished you can open your mail program again.