How to deactive Hotmail account


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I have been looking for ways to close my Hotmail account. When I click on "close your account", I get the following response: One or more paid services or a Microsoft Points account is linked to your account. To close this account, make sure each service is canceled and your Microsoft Points account is closed.

I know that I have XBox Live account/profile(free). I have contacted XBox support team (called them) and explained to them that I want to close my account and their response was the following, all we can do is stop the subscription service but would not be able to "completely" close or delete the account. Also was told that if you don't use the account it will automatically be recycled, whatever that means.

Please, someone help me!


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You can change your gamertag to another email account, such as a Gmail account, without disrupting your xbox live service.

Once that is done you can follow the regular procedure for closing a Hotmail account.

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