How to create email forwards without paying for users in Google Apps


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If you want to create email forwards for an address but not have to pay for additional Google Apps users please follow these steps:

Login to the Google Apps Admin Console

Click on Google Apps, then click on Gmail:

Google Apps Icon.JPG Gmail Icon.JPG

Scroll down and click Default Routing:

Google Apps Gmail Default Routing.JPG

For each new forward click the Add Setting button:

Google Apps Forward Add Setting.JPG

Type in the email address in your domain that will be forwarding email:

Google Apps Forward Recipient.JPG

Then scroll down, check the box for Add More Recipients, and then click the Add link:

Google Apps forwarding add more receipients.JPG

Type in the destination email address where email should be forwarded to, then click Save:

Google Apps forwarding destination email address.JPG

Last, select the option to forward both recognized and non-recognized email addresses and then click Save:

Google Apps forward all email.JPG

To create more email forwards repeat these directions from the "Add Setting" step above.

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