How to create email forwards and aliases in Google Apps


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To create additional email aliases for your users, or add forwarding destinations to their accounts, please follow these steps.

Sign in to the Google Apps for Business admin console:

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Click on the Users icon:
Manage Google Apps Users.JPG
Click on the user you want to edit:
Google Apps edit User.JPG
Click on the Profile link for that user:
Google Apps edit User Profile.JPG
Use the Alias section to create additional email aliases for a user within your domain:
Google Apps add Email Alias.JPG
Use the Email Routing section to create additional email forward destinations for your users email outside of Google Apps, for example forwarding to their Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft email accounts:
Google Apps add Email Routing Forward.JPG
When you are done click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to forward email for addresses that don't need any other access to Google Apps you can forward email without paying for extra user accounts using these directions: