How to copy your email and contacts from Yahoo Mail to


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The following is a procedure for copying your email and contacts from Yahoo Mail to It is possible to configure to pop your Yahoo Mail, but I recommend this process because it leaves a copy of your mail at Yahoo. By leaving a copy of your mail at Yahoo have the option to go back to Yahoo without losing your old email, or you can treat the old Yahoo acocunt as a temporary or permanent backup of that email. In addition to a and account, these directions require that you download and install Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email program made by the same organization as the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

If you don't have Mozilla Thunderbird yet, please download and install Thunderbird.

Next, configure both your Yahoo Mail and accounts as IMAP (not pop3) accounts in Thunderbird.

Go to Tools -> Account Settings and then click Account Actions and select Add Mail Account:

Thunderbird Tools Account Settings.JPG Thunderbird Add Mail Account.JPG

Enter the details for the acocunt and click Continue:

Thunderbird Mail Account Setup.JPG

The Mozilla database has been updated with the new IMAP settings for Yahoo Mail, all you need to do is change the default from POP3 to IMAP and then click Done:

Yahoo Mail Account IMAP Setup.JPG

If you have 2-step login verification enabled (recommended) for your account you will need to create an "app password" for Thunderbird -

Outlook App Password.JPG

Repeat the Add Account process for your account and use these settings (using the app password from above if needed):

Outlook Account IMAP Setup.JPG

After adding both accounts they should appear in the left side navigation:

Thunderbird IMAP Account Navigation.JPG

Now within Thunderbird you have the option to copy some or all of your Yahoo Mail inbox and folders to your account. You are free to create additional folders from Thunderbird, copy or move email (we recommend copy). To select all mail in a folder use the keyboard shortcut Control-A, then you can right click copy and paste into the destination mail folder. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance managing and copying/moving the email between your accounts.

After copying your existing email you will most likely want to configure all new mail to be automatically forwarded to your account:

To export your contacts from Yahoo Mail see this guide:

To import those contacts into see this guide:

Please wait and make sure you are certain before you take the following action.

If you prefer to delete your Yahoo Mail account please see these directions:

I recommend waiting at least a few weeks to make sure you're happy with the new account and that you are certain you will no longer want to use the Yahoo account or receive any email that is sent to that account.

This is also a good time to mention that if you are moving your email because of the recent service outage for some Yahoo Mail accounts, please keep in mind that this problem can happen to any email service provider. There will be limited support for any free email account based service.