How to confuse a Readverify tracking down system? Please help


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Unfortunately I could not find any answers on Google, so I would appreciate any help/advice.

I have a paranoid ex husband who uses a tacking system called readverify to track down when and where I open his emails etc etc. There was domestic violence in the past and I am going through a difficult time. My question is, how can I 'confuse' the tracking system that he is using and not be traced?

I know this can be done. Some time ago when I was in a Woman's Refuge, the emails I was opening were giving out an IP address of a different city. I suppose the IT managers of that refuge knew what they were doing, so I was reassured of it.

Is it possible to do something similar from home? Unfortunately the option of not opening his emails is not available to me.

Thank you.


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I will need more information to help you.
What e-mail provider do you use? EX:google,yahoo,etc?
What client if any do you use? EX: Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

If by chance you are using Outlook do the following to prevent it from happening.
In Outlook you can disable this:

Go to Option > Preferences > Email Options > Tracking Options > click on "never send a response".

We can also look at blocking JFIF images. <---This is actually how it tracks you. So if we don't allow images the tracking piece of the puzzle is now broken.

Let me know I am dying to help you with this as what your Ex is doing violates your privacy and security and frankly upsets me to the 10th power. We can overcome this I just need more information.



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Hello and at last!

Thank you very much for trying to help me.

To answer your questions, I am using Hotmail and Yahoo (he sends most of his emails to Yahoo because he knows I use it more often). I use Firefox and Internet Explorer, but if you recommend a different browser, I am happy to install it.

He does not use any images actually, just an email. But he tells me what time I opened his emails...a control freak:(

I checked the Header in my Yahoo and it does mention readverify in it.

He sends his emails from Gmail, if that's of any help. And the system he is using is from

Thank you very much once again!


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You might want to consider using an email service that does not put your IP address in the headers when sending if you are trying to conceal your IP addresses and location. That would mean stop using Yahoo and create a new Gmail account.

Yes, a shelter might have an HQ in a different city so their whois shows elsewhere or even do some fakeout with their reverse DNS to try and conceal what city their IP addresses are in. A traceroute might give it away if the ISP providing their service have reverse DNS matching the correct city or possibly more detailed information such as general area or nearest large street.

The Google search "free anonymous proxy" is probably the best answer for your original question about concealing / changing your IP address like the shelter. Here is a site that lists several free open proxy servers - Web Proxy List | Working Proxies | A-Z Proxies

A more creative and technical solution would be to force your internet connection to ipv6 using a service such as Hurricane Electric Free IPv6 Tunnel Broker

I asked the ReadVerify support team to review and comment on your concerns in this discussion.

If at any time you feel you are in danger please call 911.

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I am confused if there is a history of domestic violence, why are you compelled to open his emails?


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Hi Popovich,

Thank you for all your links, I will definitely look into them. Do you mean to say that if I use Gmail that Readverify won't be able to trace it? Or do you mean that he would not be able to access my IP manually?

I would be interested to see what ReadVerify can come up with. Obviously it was not their intention to provide people with a tool to stalk and harass other people, and probably most of their clients are professional people.

To respond to Theresa's question, we have children in the family and sometimes he would send an email with subject 'school' or similar, which would compell me to open it to read it. Sometimes it would be something banal like 'am I having them this weekend?' and if I don't respond promptly, he then sends another one to tell me that he knows when I opened my email and that he expects a response by such and such time.

We are going through numerous court hearings and the court wants to see that we can communicate in children's interests despite DV issues. When I ignore he daily banal emails, he tells me he will use my silence or non compliance, if you like, in court against me. I have recently warned him that his 'readverify' tracking is perceived by me as stalking and that I feel threatened by it, and if he does not stop this I would report him to the police. I am hoping this would stop him for a while.

Thank you once again for all your help.


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Since there is a history of abuse, you have proof with the emails he has sent hounding you for not answering right away and telling you that he knows you opened them. No judge in their right minds would allow badgering like that. That is not keeping cordial contact in the best interest of the children, it is harassment. You need to contact your lawyer immediately and tell him that you feel stalked by this behavior and that you are willing to discuss the children with your ex but he has made it impossible to do it directly and request that contact needs to go through a third party.