How to conditionally forward all email from Microsoft Outlook 2013


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Do you want to automatically forward all email To: and/or CC: your address when it's From: a specific sender.

The following guide will show you how to configure the rules.

First, click the Rules menu button and select Manage Rules & Alerts:

Microsoft Rules - Manage Rules and Alerts.jpg

Next, click the New Rule button:

Microsoft Outlook - New Rule.jpg

Then, select "Apply rule on messages I receive" and click Next:

Microsoft Outlook - Apple rule on messages I receive.jpg

Check the boxes for "from people or public group" and "where my name is in the To or CC box":

Microsoft Outlook - Conditional Forward Rules.jpg

Then click the link "people or public groups" to specify which From: addresses to include in this rule:

Microsoft Outlook - people or public group.jpg

Type the From: address into the box, then click OK:

Microsoft Outlook - Conditional From.jpg

After being returned to the previous window, click Next:

Microsoft Outlook - Step 2 Next.jpg

Using the same process as above, check the box "forward it to people or public group" and specify the forwarding address by clicking "people or public group, then click Finish:

Microsoft Outlook - Forward it to people or public group.jpg

Microsoft Outlook - Forwarding Address.jpg

Last, click OK to exit the Rules and Alerts configuration screen.

Please reply below if you need help making a modification to the rules that meets your needs.