How to check additional email accounts from my Hotmail account


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To configure your Hotmail account with access to additional email accounts :

  • In the top left of your Hotmail inbox click Options and select More Options :
Hotmail - More Options.JPG
  • Under Managing your Account select Sending/Receiving email from other accounts :
Hotmail - Send Receive Other Accounts.JPG
  • Under You can receive mail from these accounts select Add an email account :
Hotmail - Add an email Account.JPG
  • Click advanced options, complete the account detail fields, and then click the next button :
Hotmail - Additional Account Details.JPG
  • If you typed in the settings correctly you should be all set!

An alternate option instead the steps above and using the hotmail web site is to check multiple email accounts using a pop3 mail program on your computer. To check a Hotmail account from your computer please follow these steps :

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