How to change the language in a hacked Yahoo Mail account from Arabic back to English


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Is your Yahoo Mail account suddenly displaying in a different language such as Arabic?

This is a sure sign that your Yahoo Mail account has been hacked.

There are several ways you could have been hacked, including:
  • Calling an unofficial tech support number and giving them your username and password
  • Installing spyware/malware from a 3rd party tech support site
  • Replying to an email asking your to confirm your account information including your password
  • Your Yahoo Mail is in the group of over 2 million online accounts that were recently compromised
To switch your language back to English please follow these directions.

In the top right of your Yahoo Mail click the Gear and select Account Info:

Gear Account Info Type Password when Promtped.JPG

You may be prompted to retype your password in the above step.

Next, scroll down to the Account Settings block and click the link to Set Language:

Set Language.JPG

Change the active languages so that only English is listed, then click Save:

Yahoo Set English Language.JPG

After fixing your language preferences please follow this guide to help secure and protect your Yahoo Mail account from further compromise:

How to check and cleanup a Yahoo Mail account after it's been hacked
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