how to change password on a hotmail email account


New Email
i have a hotmail account , have had for years, just went to change my password but it wont let me without giving it another email address, last changed it a couple of months ago before some nerd decided it was too user friendly, dont have another email address but will delete this one and avoid microsoft for the rest of my life if they wont let me change my password.


Customer Service
They do it to protect your account. We have thousands upon thousands of posts from people that lost access to their email accounts (a large majority are hotmail) because they didn't have a back up email or current phone number linked to the account in case the account was compromised. It is asking for trouble not to set up an account with alternative ways to get in if there is a problem.

Read more about it at the following link: (this happens to be talking about yahoo specifically but there is also other good common sense practices for any email provider that you use)