How to block game requests on facebook


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We get questions frequently on the emailquestions page on facebook regarding facebook. Many of them have nothing to do with email. For some reason, many people think we are affiliated with facebook.

I see people constantly complaining about game requests. You can block specific games so you won't get any game requests from that particular game anymore and you can also block specific people that have sent you requests from sending future game requests. After you block several games and repeat offender friends, the amount of requests you get is reduced drastically. I have created a tutorial with screenshots.

office game requests.jpg

On the left of your profile page, click on "games" underneath "apps"

ignore games1.png

Next, click on activity


next select either invitations or requests

invitations requests.png

respond to invites.png

click on respond to your invites (or requests) click on the "X" to the left of accept (circled in red)
respond to invites.png

After you click the "X", a box will pop up and you can click the links in blue to "block" the GAME AND "ignore" the FRIEND from sending future game requests.

select block game and ignore all requests from person.png

You will never get another request for that game OR another game request from that friend for any games if you follow the steps above.