How to block a sender in Yahoo Mail


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To block a sender go to the Gear in the top right of your inbox and click Settings:

Yahoo Gear Settings.JPG

Then use the Blocked Addresses section to add & remove email addresses from your blocked senders list:

Yahoo Mail Blocked Addresses.JPG


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Additional tip
If you click right on an email in the list of emails you get a pop down menue. Now Select "filter emails like this..." and you get the adress of the sender of the email in the "sender contains field" Highlight the senders email address in this box and hit "ctrl C" Now when if you imediately use the block email as described above you can hit add adress then "ctrl V" will add it to the blocked list.
Sounds complicated but I can't find a quicker way to transfer the address of an email you never want to see again without opening it.

In my opinion it would be realy good and fairly easy for Yahoo to add an item to the click right pop down that says "Block emails from this sender.." and thus save all this,