How to Backup Windows Live Mail 2011

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The following are directions for backing up Windows Live Mail 2011 on a computer running Windows 7. These directions might work on other versions of Windows and Windows Live Mail but the screen shots could look a little different depending on the versions installed on your computer. All of your Mail account settings, Contacts, and E-Mail Messages will be backed up.

To get started create some folders on your computer where the backups can be saved. Within the My Documents folder I created a folder called WLM Backups, and inside of that folder I created folders for Mail, Contacts, and Messages. I added a date-stamp to the Messages folder name so I can so more backups in the future and easily tell what date the backup was created on my hard drive.

Windows Live Mail Backup Folders.jpg

To backup your Mail account settings click the Arrow in the top left of Windows Live Mail, select Export email, and then click on Account. Next highlight the mail account that you want to backup and click Export. Last, browse to the Mail folder that you created earlier, give the file a descriptive name, and click Save.

WLM Export Mail Account Settings.jpg WLM Account Export.jpg Save Mail Account.jpg
Repeat the above process for every email account that is configured on your computer.

To backup your email messages click the arrow in the top left, select Export Mail, and click Email Messages. Highlight the Windows Live Mail format and click Next.

WLM Export Email Messages.jpg
WLM Email.jpg

Then browse to the dated Messages folder that you created earlier and click Next. Select All Folders and click Next. When the backup process is done click finish.

WLM Messages Backup Folder.jpg

Last, it's time to backup the Contacts List saved in your Windows Live Mail.

Click Contacts in the lower left of your WLM and then at the top of WLM click Export and select Comma Separated Values (CSV)

WLM Contacts.jpg
WLM Export Contacts CSV.jpg

Browse to the Contacts folder that you created earlier. Give the contacts file a descriptive name and click the Save button. Then click Next followed by Finish.

WLM Contacts Backup Folder.jpg
WLM Contacts File Save.jpg

Congratulations, you are done backing up your Windows Live Mail! :yay:

Warning! Computers can crash. This is a great time to create a backup of your files so they can be stored in a safe place. If you have a flash/thumb drive you can copy your WLM Backups folder to it for safe keeping. If you don't have an existing backup solution you could also consider purchasing an Carbonite online computer backups.
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Thanks for that. Now please how to restore it. Also will the backup automatically seperate the messages from the different accounts:siterock:


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I don't see any responses on how to restore from these backup files. There's an e-mail backup program call KLS Mail Backup that is a very nice free utility which is menu driven. It has a restore feature within the product. Check out this URL:

KLS Mail Backup - Free download and software reviews - CNET
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Yes KLS is a nice programme to use. I like it because you can restore your mail manually if need be from the mail backup zip folder, KLS does not need to be installed to restore mail folders,contacts etc.

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Yes, a program like that KLS looks like it could be a convenient way to get backup files in a friendly format on your computer, but a service such as Carbonite is needed to backup your computer in case your entire computer crashes. The KLS makes backups on the computer. Carbonite makes an online backup of your computer so it can be restored if your hard drive crashes.
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I can't thank you enough for this! I'm one of the rare ones that still uses Windows 7, and this morning a neighbor was told by Microsoft that Windows Live Mail 2011 was discontinued 10 days ago. Hers crashed and she was not able to save her contacts or emails. I'm sure the rest of us will have it crash pretty soon too, AND NO WARNING from Microsoft! Wondering if I should share on social media that this is going to happen.
Thanks again!


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Does your method or KLS save the emails in the files that I have designated in my Live Mail?
Thanks in advance for your help.