How to avoid spam traps


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Earlier today Return Path had a informative webinar about avoiding spam traps and email deliverability.

The following is a list of tips to help avoid sending email newsletters to spam trap addresses:

  • Do not allow generic addresses and role accounts to be subscribed (webmaster@, abuse@, support@)
  • Remove addresses from your list that bounce (5xx user unknown, access denied)
  • Confirm opt-in new subscribers (send an email and make them click a confirmation link)
  • Block suspicious behavior (many subscriptions from a single IP address)
  • Segment your email into dedicated outgoing IP addresses
  • Use hidden fields in your forms to help detect human vs. bot activity
  • Some people recommend CAPTCHA but those are easily broken (try hard to answer questions that are easy for humans)
  • Audit the lists from data providers and reject compromised lists that don't meet your quality standards
  • Never buy an email list from a 3rd party!