How to add an email address to your safe senders list in Hotmail


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Is your Hotmail not getting email from one or your contacts or services?

Here is an example that shows how to add Twitter to your safe senders list.

First, go to the top right of your inbox, click the Gear, and select More Mail Settings:

Outlook settings.JPG

Next, click Safe and Blocked senders:

Hotmail safe and blocked senders.JPG

Next, click Safe Senders:

Hotmail Safe Senders.JPG

Last, type in the address, in this example, that you want to whitelist:

Hotmail Safe Sender Add to List.JPG

Click the Add to List button and it will appear on the right side column.

To get back to your Inbox click the Outlook logo in the top left of your screen.
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The settings menu has changed slightly since the last post.

If you go to your Options menu, the navigation to the Safe Senders screen is here:

Hotmail safe senders.jpg