How to access mail


New Email
I use three main devices for my email - (1)desk top with outlook 2010 - provider for email AT&T/Yahoo, (2) iPhone set up to receive email from all addresses, (3) Laptop with Outlook 2010 as above. I also have a straight account and a account. Here is my question; Is there a way to set up a "folder" somewhere that all the devices can send email that I want to keep, regardless of the account the email came in on, and all the devices have access to the folder? For instance - if I'm traveling and I open an important email I need to send it somewhere So that when I fire up my laptop I can retrieve it. This way I do not have to keep hundreds of emails on servers. The problem with so many emails on servers is ywofold, (1) most emails do not need to be saved and can be deleted from the server, (2) when I fire up my laptop it takes it large amount of time to download the "new" messages. If I can remove the messages from the server it will make my life easier if I can save the important emails somewhere. I hopr this makes sense.