How to Access hotmail account Password on Iphone3gif you think it's been hacked?


New Email
Hi I am in need of urgent help! Since split from Husband noticed irregularities on some of my OnLine accounts. Most of them are stored on my iPhone as working Single mum of 4 life hasn't got enuff hours in a day- so easier to combine all in to one or so I thought- since I stupidly left my iPhone accessable on a visit my banking account frozen an I can't seem to access my email account?to average person this wud be easy to fix but I ha ur Dved on my iPhone since I bought n set it up 3.5 years go. As a personal shopper and pastime Perfume PR my emails are important and iv musse out on a lit of work because of this. Is there an easy way to access this without getting a new email? Ohh someone please help this us by far the longest Blonde moment iv had yet! Lol Thanks!