How make email system of 1000 users on open sources


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I have such study task. And I need to create the susystem of email for 1000 users in one building using only open-sources. How the design should look like what free servers I shouuld use, what is topology of such system, what ip, routers or hubs I need to use. How can I protect the information in system? I will be grateful for help.


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What are the requirements for how the users are managed?

There are control panel solutions such as cpanel that will let you manage a sendmail based system, maybe postfix too.

There are open source packages such as vpopmail that work well with qmail, an alternative to sendmail.

There isn't more networking infrastructure needed to support 1000 users.

What information in the system are you trying to protect?

Passwords? Encrypting the actual emails? Are SSL enabled services required?

It's strange to me that abuse protections are not mentioned in the requirements.