How is this scenario possible at all?


New Email
I feel like I am losing my mind!

Ok, first off, my mother and I have been having a very heated email conversation that is now several posts long. That is important to know because I believe she is messing with me intentionally, I just don't know how she is pulling this off!

So, partway through the email conversation my mother changed the subject line (which I thought was weird) and sent off another email to me, BUT THIS TIME my son received it, too. From that point on, he kept receiving CC's of all of our messages, from both of us. In other words, he was receiving the ones she was sending to me and he was also receiving the emails I sent to her.

Now, my understanding of the way email works and I tested this myself, is that if you CC someone the recipient can also see that the CC is there. In other words, if my mother CC'd my son, I should be able to see that she did this. But I can't.

SO, I figured, well, she must have BCC'ed him and that's why they are showing up as CC's for him and I can't see it. But, she denies CC'ing him or BCC'ing him. But he has them! I have checked through all of the emails and so has my son. He is CC'ed and can see I am the stated recipient, but I can't see that he is CC'ed.

I am so confused! How is this possible? There has got to be a trick somehow that she is using. It started with the changing of the subject line.

I will add that she works in the IT department of a very large organization. So, she must know some way to accomplish this. She says we can come look at her computer and her emails will prove she did not CC or BCC him. She is now telling both of us that I did it. That I CC'ed him. But I didn't. And my son can see that. I don't know what to think, and neither does he.