How do I turn off stationary in Yahoo Mail?


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Start a new email and on the right side at the top of the stationary selection click "none".

Yahoo Stationary.JPG

To remove all formatting from new email send them as plain text.

Here is a video showing the process the make both of these changes :

[ame=""]YouTube - How disable stationary in Yahoo Mail.avi[/ame]

  • Start a new email
  • Click show stationary
  • Click none under the stationary
  • Click plain text to compose emails using regular text


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Just one thing that bothers me: it is StationERY, not Stationary.

The one with "ary" means "motionless" - like me on a Sunday.
The one with "ery" means "letterhead or other decorated forms.


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I think its quite disgusting how bloated Yahoo Mail has become..

I have everything i can DISABLED on mine!