how do i transfer a mailaccount from one domain to the other?


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i have little knowledge of mailaccounts but i have transferred a domainname from a hosting (which i don't manage) to my hosting. I haven't transferred the mailaccounts yet and am afraid the mails would be lost since the account has been suspended at the other hosting.

Is there a way to recuperate those mail still and transfer them to the mailaccount i set up with my new hosting? There has been no backup made on the local computer of the client i transferred the mails for.

I'd really appreciate some help or guidance here.



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Yes, if you can get the old hosting to turn the accounts back on for a day you should be able to transfer the email from the old hosting to the new hosting after creating the accounts at the new hosting. Once you have access to the accounts on both the old and new you can use a mail program on their computer to move the emails.

I prefer to use the IMAP Tools. If you have a time critical request and need help moving the email we can be hired by purchasing live email support.

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