How do I stop conversation threads?


New Email
I have a hotmail account. So I am posting this in the right spot.

I sent an email a while back to a lot of people in my address book. Well everyone is leaving the conversation and each time someone leaves everyone gets an email saying that person left. And it will not stop. Everyone has left like four times. And I just keep getting emails saying so and so has left the conversation.

Please help me what do I do to stop this? Everyone I emailed is getting very mad including me.

Please help me I've changed my password and all that stuff. It just keeps happening. It's the same conversation thread people keep leaving over and over again.

I sent it on my hotmail account but I used my iPad if that makes a difference.

Someone needs to help me this is insane. I get tons of messages saying so and so has left the conversation. And then this person will leave and I'll get another message saying so and so has left the conversation and so on and so forth.