How do I know if my email has been hacked?


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There are many possible signs that your account has been hacked including:

  • international IP addresses logging into your account
  • email you did not send in the sent-mail
  • email you did not delete in the trash folder
  • receiving lots of bounces in your inbox
  • changes you did not make to your signature
  • changes you did not make to your mail filter rules
  • answers to security questions that you did not create
  • secondary & alternate email addresses that you don't recognize
In your case it sounds personal like you suspect a friend / family / ex?

Please take these steps immediately:

  • Change your password
  • Enable 2-step authentication (if your service supports it)
  • Run virus/spyware/malware scans on your computer
  • Verify that all of the settings and personal information for your account make sense
  • Since it sounds personal, check your keyboard cable for a keystroke logger near the back of your computer
Here is a related guide if you use a free mail service such as Yahoo Mail:

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