How do I contact Live Mail Support


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I recently received a notice that when I paid my yearly cost, my credit card date had expired. I was going to change it, but when I got to the web site I saw they had my old work phone listed for security messages. I decided to update that first & now see that I cannot access my billing info until 08/10. I am afraid that my wife's and my accounts will be closed. Is there any way to contact them about this? I see no cont info on any of the Microsoft pages I tried.

I have put in my E-mail account and get a screen for different companies I have to sign up
for instead of the PC going right on my I can't seem to get on my
E-mail account with out going through some other companies, How do I avoid that??


New Email
i am unable to find spell check on my yahoo reply email page. it was there up untill a week ago. where is your spell check by the way. best wishes Helen