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I'm SO mad about this I can hardly find the right words!
I ALREADY PAID for this email program...."support" should be part of a "paid-for" program!
People who are using IncrediMail's "free" version are the ONLY ONES who should be charged for support....NOT those of us who paid for the program!
It's bad enough we have to keep paying for different levels of membership, (e.g. Premium; Plus; Gold), but to have to pay for help is greedy!
Perion & IncrediMail should be ASHAMED!


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Hi Nuts,

Was that directed at this site, Email Questions?

I hope it was venting & feedback directed at Incredimail and/or Comcast.

We provide free forum support on a best effort basis for all email services, programs, troubleshooting, discussions, etc.

We do have a live support option too but it doesn't seem like you're referring to that.

:welcome: to Email Questions!


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I posted my question yesterday & checked back today to see if there was a response...there wasn't. I clicked on the "Live Support" link & found there was a CHARGE for help! I think it's greedy to charge a paying customer to help them...those using IncrediMail for "free" are the ONLY ones who should have to pay for help.
I apologize for my outburst; however my thoughts remain the same. IncrediMail is the program that keeps taking and taking and taking...I asked a simple question & as a paying customer I should get a simple answer without further payment, as I ALREADY PAID! I don't think I'm being unreasonable.


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Yes, I saw your response but I needed clarification as there are several logs & I didn't know how to troubleshoot. I re-posted, asking for more details, but when I got no answer I came back to these forums...that's when the "pay for help" issue came up. When you click on the "live help" they ask for payment. That's what has my dander up!


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You really need to check your tone here. You have been incredibly rude to Popowich for no reason. You are getting angry and yelling at the wrong people. This is a website that tries to help people resolve email problems.

We give free advice numerous times a day. We answer as many questions as we can and that we think we have the right solution for. Our "live support" is completely OPTIONAL and is for someone that has exhausted their own resources and ideas and would like immediate help from us. There is a fee because we drop whatever we are doing at the moment and it takes priority over everything else that we may be working on or doing. (including personal time etc)

Being upset that we charge for our personal time to help someone with a problem is ridiculous. If you bought a computer from Dell and had a problem with it, would you take it to geek squad at Best Buy and tell them you're a paying customer at Dell and they should give you free help at Best Buy because of it? You getting angry at OUR live support because you have paid OTHER parties to resolve an issue for you is not fair to us at all.

Please keep it civil going forward. :)