How can I mine data or export e-mail information?


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I currently use Gmail and would like to organized by information in the e-mail, i.e. To & From address and Subject. I'd prefer to collect this information into Excel 2007 or Access 2007 and I have Windows live Mail and Outlook 2007 to help with this task.

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I'll defer the final answer on this one to the Windows experts.

My best answer would be a Linux based mail server solution involving some automated scripts and a MySQL database. Do you have access to a Linux server for this project?

Here is an old support guide from Microsoft that might be able to point you in the right direction for a free Windows based solution using the software that you already own.

I found this site while doing some google searches. It does not appear to be a free solution. I contacted their support and they requested that you describe your project in more detail to them before making a purchase to make sure their software will meet your goals - - Questionnaire

It looks like this blog post and this forum post might be useful to you too.

Please share the best solution with us so that people who have the same question in the future can benefit from the best answer.

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